Siegfried Neuenhausen


Last chance for Neuenhausen sculpture

He just celebrated his 90th birthday and that was a milestone that prompted our friend and longtime artist Prof. Siegfried Neuenhausen to think about his legacy.

In preparation to hand over his business affairs and the administration of his future estate to his daughter, Prof. Neuenhausen requested that all works of art from all galleries will be returned to him to take inventory. We will remain his representative for larger projects, however, his popular bronze sculptures will no longer be on display in the gallery.

The current inventory will be available to purchase for just a little while longer while we prepare to return everything to his studio. During this time, we will only sell the works we physically have in the gallery. We would be happy to relay orders for sculptures that we don't have to our German partner gallery, and they will ship from Europe directly to you once the estate has been turned over, hopefully in early 2024. At this time, we cannot guarantee that the pricing will remain the same, but we are hoping it will.

If you are still thinking of acquiring one of his sculptures, please let us know. They are not currently on display, so if there is one that you want to see in person, please call ahead so we can prepare it for viewing. 

Please click below to see the available inventory of Neuenhausen sculptures. A red dot indicates that the item has sold. To see the price, please click any image for more details.



Neuenhausen Image Postcard

Over the years, we have sold more than 500 sculptures by Prof. Neuenhausen and each sale is a happy memory, making our clients smile with the poignant stories behind the whimsical works and while he is thinking about his legacy, we think about a life well lived with thousands of lives touched and hundreds of artists influenced. His last two museum shows have attracted many thousands of visitors and while we have concentrated on the attainable limited editions, those exhibitions have painted a picture of a deeply involved and highly accomplished artist in the style of Social Criticism. We admire the depth and sophistication of his entire body of work and we are grateful for his small sculptures that had our clients thinking but made them leave with a smile.

I want to share with you one of my favorite memories when my daughters came to the gallery to discover a display of Neuenhausen sculptures. You can see the video here.

While we know that this is not goodbye, it is going to be hard not to have his work in the gallery any longer. Thankfully, like many of you, I own several of his sculptures, and every time I look at them it makes me smile and I think of the many lives he has touched with his art.               --- Christian Hohmann




Please check out the work index we developed for Siegfried Neuenhausen. It is a work in progress, but we are building it with the goal to help identify and authenticate Neuenhausen sculptures. If you have a sculpture and you are in doubt, please email us, and we will try to help.




We are the exclusive representative for Siegfried Neuenhausen in the US. The only thing that will change is that we will no longer hold a physical inventory as we do now. Neuenhausen's sculptures will continue to be available through our partner gallery in Germany and we have great images and video of most sculptures that will allow you to make an informed buying decision without seeing the work in person first.

Please contact us for videos of any sculpture you are considering. If you want to come to the gallery to see a work in person before we ship it back, please call ahead so we can prepare it for viewing. 


Neuenhausen VC display